The new standard education in ukraine

The new standard

Started reception of documents from applicants in the Scientific and methodological Council MES of Ukraine, the purpose of which is to develop standards of education.

For the first time members of the Scientific and methodological Council are selected by competition. Before they were appointed personally by the Minister, his function as President of this Council will be limited to only the final signature on the document. This was told first Deputy Minister of education and science Inna Sovsun in an interview with “Radio Liberty”.


The new standard

The procedure of registration of divorce through the courts

The procedure of registration of divorce through the courts

The procedure of registration of divorce through the courts

Perhaps the most important in the dissolution of marriage through court is the decision of the disputed issues before going to court. Therefore, as the mutual/bilateral agreement of the spouses on the divorce and there are no disputes about children or property, and is certainly grounds for a quick divorce in court.

Here is an example. Quick and easy divorce through the courts with children, you need to make an agreement that will define the substance:

The procedure of registration of divorce through the courts

Disputes between Investors and the State: the Way to Dialogue

The Ukrainian business environment remains difficult for international companies, and Ukrainian courts are not always able to protect the rights of investors. At the same time, the Ukrainian government is becoming more open to a peaceful settlement of disputes with foreign investors.

When the authorities or courts of Ukraine are able to protect the legitimate rights of foreign investors, they can use international instruments for resolving disputes with the state on international agreements of Ukraine on the promotion and mutual protection of investments.

Any unfair or discriminatory actions of the state, as well as denial of justice, may violate the rights of foreign investors in accordance with international agreements.

Such actions may include:

  • Delay or refusal to refund VAT.
  • Arbitrary cancellation of licenses or permits.
  • Arbitrary calculation of taxes or customs duties.
  • Currency restrictions of the National Bank of Ukraine.
  • Arbitrary criminal prosecution or other unlawful coercion.
  • Unfair or discriminatory distribution of licenses or permits.
  • Unfounded or discriminatory fines of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine.
  • Unpredictable, unjustified or discriminatory price regulation or price restrictions.
  • Unjust or discriminatory forced conversion of debt securities (for example, conversion of Eurobonds of Privatbank).
  • Laws and other regulations that give preference to Ukrainian citizens and companies and deny equal treatment to foreign investors.
  • Any other actions that harm foreign investors and their investments on the territory of Ukraine.

Negotiations with the Government of Ukraine in accordance with international agreements are effective, especially in the early stages of the dispute, and, in some cases, the only effective means of protecting the rights of investors.


UA Immigration firm, Law Offices.

UKRAINE. In the heart of EuropeUA1

UA Immigration firm, Law Offices. Immigration to Ukraine.

Law Offices of Alexander N. Eusuitin, P.C., immigration law firm, was started in 2007. It is headed by UA Immigration Attorney, Alexander N. Eusuitin, providing immigration help and assistance to clients in Kiev (KV), Odessa (OD), Dnepr (DP) and all remaining regions and abroad.

Contact UA

We try to respond to all inquiries by the next business day. In Addition, Mr. Alex hosts biweekly open to everyone. We are located at: Ukraine, Kiev, Taras Shevchenko boulevard, 54/1, of. 801

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments.

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Buy real estate safely

пнцOf the acquisition, ownership and alienation of real estate for any business are important events that should be treated carefully and professionally.

In Ukraine, widespread type of fraud in real estate transactions and it must always be remembered when You are going to buy, lease or sell commercial property.

Ukraine has a Legal real estate center, which provides legal services support of transactions with real estate in Kiev and Kiev region.

Interregional of Judicial Experts

Interregional network of expert organisations

At the beginning of 2017 non-commercial partnership “Interregional of Judicial Experts” represents the largest Association of non-state forensic institutions of the Russian Federation and non-state forensic experts. This fact led to the successful implementation of the concept, global in scope, combining expert organizations, offering a wide range of judicial and non-judicial independent examinations with a total of about 490 full-time and part-time experts and a wide network of regional offices in the majority of economically developed regions of the Russian Federation.

Currently has approximately 85 % of all examinations sent to the member organizations of NP “ISE”, are entrusted to us law enforcement and judicial authorities, the weight of extrajudicial examinations is decreasing every year.

Work permit in Ukraine

Work permit in Ukraine

In order for a foreigner to be able to officially work in Ukraine must obtain a work permit. You must pay the state fee.

The process of preparing the document stipulates that applicants have a diploma, preferably in higher education, lack of contraindications and the presence of a company that will take it to work, jobs must first be filed with the state employment Center and does not apply to such employee, he may be a foreigner.

The procedure is not simple, so we recommend You to consult the experts. It is better to consult an immigration lawyer. We recommend the official legal companies that have specialized in obtaining work permits, is important. If you contact individuals or professionals who are not eligible for legal services, then You can’t complain about them in the event of delay or failure to work. In Ukraine the number of companies which can be scams. Not to get to swindlers.

We recommend a proven company, such as:

The ranking of Ukrainian companies for the support of foreign investment

The ranking of Ukrainian companies for the support of foreign investment
The analysis took into consideration various criteria such as the number of customers served , timing of providing separate services for foreign investors, quality of service and the proportionality of the indicator, the price – quality.
According to the results of independent research in the category of “Universal company for foreigners” took first place in an international company called UIP – Ukraine, which is a unit of a foreign company with offices in different countries of America, Asia and Africa. UIP – Ukraine differs from its competitors with the versatility of the proposed products in the field of legal support of foreign business, while providing quality immigration services for foreigners – founders and employees of the Client wide options to ensure security of clients ‘ assets, rendering of services on organization of business tours for foreigners and services for the training of foreign students in Ukrainian universities from further employment in client companies of the Corporation.
In the category “the largest company in support of foreigners” won law firm which has existing offices not only in the capital of Ukraine – Kiev, but also in each regional center, there are more than 20 offices in the country. The main types of provided services is: judicial protection of foreign companies and foreign citizens on the economic, civil, criminal cases in the sphere of economy and taxation, disputes with customs authorities, border guard and migration services.
In the category “Export of educational services” took first place in the company UKREDUCENTRE LLC ( with its own offices in India, Pakistan, Nigeria and Zambia. Basic services for foreigners that they provide is
Best company for support of export and import transactions was the company UKRINDOTREID LLC, which provides support for its clients a complex of services in trade between Ukraine and other countries (India, Pakistan, China, Thailand, etc.)

Services for the development and provision of documentation in the field of enterprise security


The development of CCI of Ukraine and the provision of documents in the field.

Enterprise security: the algorithm of actions during the inspections individually for Your business.

Our Association of companies is cooperating with most successful Ukrainian companies that provide services for foreign business in Ukraine. In the framework of the activities of the chamber carried out a study of the market and identify how decent and not decent companies that work in this field. With our opinion counts.


Purchase and sale of business

kupit_oooService for the Purchase and sale of enterprises by the Industrial and commercial chamber of Ukraine subject index Hoover.

When placing information on the sale of business sites CCI also forms the supply of Customer services.

Cost of services:

Just placing ads on the website industrial-trade chamber with its own phone – $100/month text and offer Customer services the chamber prepares for free;

for placing the information in mass – cost of such accommodation;

for the implementation of the industrial chamber of Commerce of economic activities through the conclusion of the contract of purchase and sale of the enterprise between the Customer and the customer – $1 000. placing ads on the website in this case is free, the text and offer Customer services CCI forms is also free, and if not spent on the implementation of the acquisition and not the exercise of such business transaction (the sale of the company) during the term of the contract the amount paid shall be returned to the Customer after deduction of banking services.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine has an extensive partner base and can provide investors and startups with various options for companies with VAT status and without a VAT payer status, with real legal addresses and with a history of activity, with licenses and certificates and without them. Please contact us and we will be able to choose for you the option: