Work permit in Ukraine

Work permit in Ukraine

In order for a foreigner to be able to officially work in Ukraine must obtain a work permit. You must pay the state fee.

The process of preparing the document stipulates that applicants have a diploma, preferably in higher education, lack of contraindications and the presence of a company that will take it to work, jobs must first be filed with the state employment Center and does not apply to such employee, he may be a foreigner.

The procedure is not simple, so we recommend You to consult the experts. It is better to consult an immigration lawyer. We recommend the official legal companies that have specialized in obtaining work permits, is important. If you contact individuals or professionals who are not eligible for legal services, then You can’t complain about them in the event of delay or failure to work. In Ukraine the number of companies which can be scams. Not to get to swindlers.

We recommend a proven company, such as:

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  1. No matter how you do it, it’s an individual thing. Friends can help you, but they can’t make all legal documents for you. You must take Your status from the beginning, if you want to seriously immigrate to Europe. The following tips will help.

  2. I know, what is this if not very simple, but I’m looking into starting my own way to immigration and was wondering what all is needed to come and work? I assume that all the documents will cost a lot of money. Cheers

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