Academy of Export from Ukraine

How to choose a niche for a business and a product, understanding local and global political and economic factors?

How to set up your business using international tools?

How to find a supplier and manufacturer?

How to organize logistics?

What laws do you need to know so as not to break them?

How to conclude foreign economic agreements?

How to transfer money?

How to recover VAT?

How to ensure mobility and freedom of movement for yourself and partners?

How to protect yourself and company officials from illegal actions by state law enforcement agencies?

How to organize the export of goods from Ukraine, so as not to become a victim of tax structures and not lose your money?

How to scale sales in different countries and become an industry leader?

These and many other questions are asked by entrepreneurs who want to go international.

Exports are today the most profitable business in Ukraine and with Ukraine.

The Export Academy is a professional platform that enables Ukrainians and foreigners to step by step arrange export from Ukraine of goods that are produced in Ukraine.

The training is conducted by the international lawyer Mr. Alexander Yevsiutin, which the accompanies export procedures for more than 10 years and who received the award Lawyer of the Year 2019 in the category Customs Law.

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The 9 most important legal news for 2020

We offer a compilation of the 20 most important legal news for 2020 that will benefit businesses, regardless of their area of ​​activity.

1. Increased taxes and fees

Traditionally, in the new year, indicators that affect taxation increase.
The minimum wage from January 1, 2020 will be 4723 UAH, the living wage for able-bodied persons – 2102 UAH. In view of this, the amount of the minimum contribution from the ESA in 2020 will be 1039.06 UAH.

The sole tax for entrepreneurs in the 1st group will be 210.2 UAH, together with the ECU – 1249.29 UAH per month. The sole tax for natural persons-entrepreneurs in the 2nd group will be 944.6 UAH, from the ESA – 1983.66 UAH per month. There is also a change in the amount of court fees that are tied to the subsistence level of able-bodied people.


2. New bank accounts

As of January 13, 2020, only IBAN international bank accounts have been used in Ukraine. Bank customer account numbers will be 29 characters and will meet the requirements of the IBAN standard used in Europe. Under these conditions, the old bills will no longer work, so we recommend that you check any details to avoid annoying mistakes.

3. In 2020, the business expects a number of audits

Here are the scales of inspections, namely the number of entities that will be audited during the year:

  • State Service of Ukraine for Labor – 16 905
  • Pension Fund of Ukraine – 1150
  • State Service of Ukraine for Food Safety and Consumer Protection – 22 432
  • State Environmental Inspection – 11 328
  • State Emergency Service of Ukraine – 44 119
  • The State Tax Service of Ukraine – 6147
  • 4. Payment transaction registrars (PPOs)

Innovations in the field of PPO application will take effect in stages over the course of a year.

From April 19, 2020, you will be able to use PPOs instead of regular cash registers and issue checks electronically to buyers. The amount of fines for violations of PPO legislation will increase significantly.

From October 1, 2020, there will be an expansion of entrepreneurs who will be required to apply PPOs regardless of income. In addition to equipment and medicines, it will in particular include:

  • online trading;
  • trade in jewelry;
  • catering;
  • tourist services;
  • hotel services.

Cashback rules will be effective from the same date: buyers who have made purchases in excess of UAH 850 and have not received a fiscal check that meets all the requirements of PPO legislation will be able to receive their money back.

5. Incoterms 2020

On January 1, 2020, the new Incoterms 2020 Rules (Interpretation of International Trade Terms), which were published on September 10, 2019, came into force. The following changes occurred in the new basic conditions of product delivery:

  • removed the term EXW (self-removal) from Incoterms rules;
  • removed the term FAS (freely along the ship’s side);
  • divided the term FCA (Franco Carrier) into two delivery bases: one for ground delivery and the other for offshore container shipments;
  • changed the terms of delivery of FOB and CIF for container transportation;
  • a new term in Incoterms 2020 – CNI (Cost and Insurance), which means that the seller has delivered when the insured product is located at the specified shipment port;
  • the two new Incoterms 2020 rules are based on DDP delivery conditions – DTP and DPP.

6. New rules for the registration of geographical indications have been introduced

On January 1, a law to improve the legal protection of geographical indications comes into force. Legal protection is granted to a geographical indication which is wholly or partially homonymous with the geographical indication registered in Ukraine, subject to fair local and traditional use, and if such use excludes the possibility of confusing and misleading consumers as to the true origin of the goods.

Now mozzarella and cognac will disappear from the shelves, but Hutsul cheese and Ukrainian wines will appear.

7. The Council abolished the state monopoly on alcohol production

Since January 1, 2020, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has been given the opportunity to produce alcohol of any form, subject to obtaining a license, and to introduce full liberalization of alcohol exports from Ukraine.

At the same time, for the protection of the domestic commodity producer, only enterprises authorized by the Cabinet of Ministers may import alcohol until January 1, 2022.

8. The lawyer’s monopoly is abolished

Despite long expectations, since January 1, the lawyer’s monopoly has not been implemented. It should be noted that it is partial, since at least in criminal cases, only a lawyer can represent the suspect / accused.

9. State lawyers were allowed to represent the firm in court

Continuing on the topic of abolition of the lawyer’s monopoly, one cannot but mention other legal consequences – state authorities and legal entities can again represent themselves in the courts on their own. These can be not only the heads, members of the executive bodies of the legal entity, but also other authorized persons in accordance with the law, statute, regulation, employment contract.

Disputes with the goverment in taxation, customs

Disputes with the goverment in the sphere of privatization, taxation, leasing, land use, migration processes and customs.

Ukraine makes it easy to make money quickly anywhere else.

But high returns are also associated with high risks. so we have been running the white collar crime practice for over 20 years.

The first thing we won started in 1995 (

Foreign investors who have lost their assets or control over their assets due to lack of rule of law and judicial protection, criminal proceedings and decisions of the authorities.

One group of our clients is formed by multinational public companies and their representative offices in Ukraine, which have been present in Ukraine for many years and continue their business successfully.

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Ukraine makes it easy to make money quickly anywhere else. . But high returns are also associated with high risks. so we have been running the white collar crime practice for over 20 years. . The first thing we won started in 1995. . Foreign investors who have lost their assets or control over their assets due to lack of rule of law and judicial protection, criminal proceedings and decisions of the authorities. . . . . . #whitecollarcrime #crimeinukraine #businessescrime #protection #businessesprotection #Foreigninvestors #Investment #Investmentukraine#kyivphoto #ukraine#advocat#immigrationlawyer #immigration#lawyeryevsiutin#lawlife #защитабизнеса#адвокат#адвокаткиев #адвокатевсютин#киеа#киевская #лучшийадвокат#подпишись #взаимно#взаимныелайки

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Ukraine – Market Opportunities

Of course, despite all the difficulties and challenges of the external and internal nature, we are pleased that we are step by step back to normalize the country’s economic development.
Not everything as it would be desirable, but everything is fine at one moment does not come.

In the first half of 2018, the continuation of positive economic trends and the main signs of macroeconomic stabilization, which took place against the backdrop of reforms in the direction of both increasing incomes, and strengthening the investment component of growth, as well as generally favorable external conditions, was recorded.

In general, after overcoming the decline, the Ukrainian economy has been growing for ten quarters in a row. This suggests that the course on forming an open competitive economy of Ukraine brings relevant results. The acceleration of economic growth was achieved first of all through increased investment and domestic consumer demand.

According to data from the State Statistics Service of Ukraine and the Ministry of the Interior of Ukraine, real GDP in the first quarter of 2018 increased by 3.1% (as compared to the first quarter of 2017), compared with 2.8% in the first quarter of 2017. Real GDP in the II quarter of 2018, compared with the previous quarter (taking into account the seasonal factor), increased by 0.9%, and compared with the II quarter of 2017 – by 3.6%.

In January-June 2018, industrial production increased by 2.5%. The largest increase among the subspecies of the processing industry was observed in chemical production – by 39.5%, machine building – by 6.6%, and in metallurgy – by 1.9%, primarily due to domestic demand from related activities, as well as external demand .

In the first half of 2018, agriculture, which, from June, was formed both through plant and livestock production, showed a significant increase – by 11.4% (“minus” 2.1% in the first half of 2017), in a larger due to the increase in volumes of crop production by 1.8 times (minus 8.5% in the first half of 2017) in the context of a more lively harvest campaign of early varieties of cereals and winter rape in certain regions. Also, livestock production grew by 0.1% (minus 0.9% in the first half of 2017), which was supported by the development of the poultry industry.

During January-June 2018 positive dynamics was observed in some types of economic activity in the sphere of services, in particular, retail sales grew by 6.2%, passenger turnover – by 5.3%, wholesale trade turnover – by 4.6%.

On the whole, economic development in the first half of 2018, despite some negative fluctuations in some indicators of economic activity, including those caused by specific circumstances, forms the basis for further qualitative economic growth in the context of the implementation of the declared reforms. At the same time, we must take into account the conditions that keep the risks of slowing down Ukraine’s economic growth, including possible: the deterioration of foreign trade conditions, in particular through “trade wars” and tougher monetary conditions, which could lead to a contraction of international trade and a decrease in demand for products Ukrainian exports; fiscal dominance, which can restrict public investment and increase debt burden, hampering economic development of the country.


Ukraine — creating a company and office

Professional advice on exports

Professional consultations and training are conducted by a lawyer international specialist, specialist in the sphere of foreign economic activity Alexander Evsutin.

How can you make money on the export of goods from Ukraine with a profit of 1000%?

Ukraine today is the leader in the export of various products around the world, and exports from Ukraine are constantly increasing.

Do you want to become number one in your country in the future and scale up your business worldwide?

Then you just need to learn how to earn money on exports from Ukraine.


  • What products are already in world demand and will soon appear in your country?
  • Working algorithms for creating a business with Ukraine for a beginner, entrepreneur or investor?
  • How to start to safely deliver goods from Ukraine with a margin of 1000 percent?
  • In which niches is it better to create an absolutely new profitable business in 2019?
  • Growing trends: what new products are worth investing time and money?


  • 39 years.
  • Former legal adviser of CJSC Agroton – one of the largest producers and exporters of agricultural products in Ukraine (2001).
  • Investigator of the prosecutor’s office and prosecutor of the regional prosecutor’s office. Investigation and supervision of special forces in the fight against organized vagueness and corruption (GO BKOP SBU, UBOP, UVB MIA, UVB STA) and support charges in cases of smuggling goods across the state border of Ukraine (2002-2007).
  • Lawyer in Ukraine. Comprehensive protection of foreign business in administrative and criminal proceedings, immigration lawyer, advising on international tax planning, registration of foreign companies, Due Diligence (since 2007).
  • Accompanying legal export from Ukraine and import of goods to Ukraine (since 2008).
  • Head of the regional offices of the Ukrainian Bar Association and the Ukrainian Bar Association (2011 – 2018).
  • He personally bought and sent from Ukraine containerized sunflower seeds (2013), sunflower oil (2014-2018), chicken eggs (2016), honey (2018).
  • Accompanied in 2015 a project to import clothing from the UK (London) to Ukraine (2015).
  • Every year at least 2 times visits the countries of import of Ukrainian products to the EU, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, America: Poland, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Pakistan, Zambia, Congo, USA, Canada, Mexico, India, China, United Arab Emirates, Qatar , other.
  • Accompanying projects for scaling business in various countries “turnkey”, international investment projects.
  • Head of the International Law Committee of the Ukrainian Bar Association (2017).
  • Heads the UiP group of companies (UNITED INTERNATIONAL PARTNERSHIP), which has a network of representatives all over the World. EMP provides services in the field of international relations, providing freedom for international businessmen (since 2014).

How can you sell products at a premium of 1000 percent?

Export eggs from Ukraine

Export eggs from Ukraine.

In September 2018, exports of eggs and egg products from Ukraine grew by 56% to $ 12 million.

At the same time, egg imports decreased to $ 0.6 million, then by 68% compared with September 2017.

Ukrainian businessmen produced the most active and bulk deliveries to the United Arab Emirates.

In the UAE, Ukrainians have sold products for 4 million US dollars.

Recall that in 2017, the maximum for the export of eggs from Ukraine in the entire history was reached – 1.5 billion units for 78.9 million US dollars.

The main buyers of eggs from Ukraine were countries from the Middle East, North Africa and Asia.

Also, a high percentage of egg production in Ukraine was observed in 2013-2014 – then the country ranked eighth in the world ranking.

In 2018, Ukraine ranked 10th among all countries – world producers of eggs.

Today, the usual price for Ukrainian eggs:

White eggs from 20 USD FCA Ukraine
Brown eggs from 21 USD FCA Ukraine



YOUTH is the energy of life.

This time when a person is full of ambition, any goal seems feasible and any task is up to him.

Young people are the engine that drives the entire human machine. You are young as long as your soul catches the signals of beauty, hope, joy, fearlessness and strength, coming from people and from infinity.

If this ability disappears and your spirit fetters the cold of cynicism and pessimism, you can grow old even in twenty. “Use your energy.

Try to make the world better! “

A charitable organization that is registered in Ukraine and is on the List of Organizations and Institutions Attracting Foreigners and Stateless Persons to their Activities, which is maintained by the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine:

To volunteer in the territory of Ukraine, attracts volunteers to its activity in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Voluntary Activities” and invites foreign citizens to Ukraine for a period of 6 months to participate in the activities of the organization,

Attracts donations and cash from foreign and local companies to help young people and children of Ukraine, who suffered from military operations in the Donbass.

We invite volunteers to Ukraine

Documentation in the field of coal and other products quality

The professionalism of the CCI specialists is recognized in Ukraine, which is why we participate in the creation of various documentation in the field of coal and other products quality.

Our specialists participated in the implementation of state standards DSTU 4096-2002, DSTU 4083-2002, GTR 34.09.110-2003, and edited them, co-authors of the draft agreement on the supply of fuel and payments for it, taking into account the energy value.

Our employees, as consultants and technical experts, are involved in the assessment of quality systems of various enterprises, accreditation of coal-chemical laboratories, metallurgical division laboratories, development of instructions and methodologies. We will be happy to assist you in preparing your laboratory for accreditation.

Specialists of LLC “CCI” are ready to help in the organization of your laboratory, their configuration with the necessary laboratory equipment for preparation of samples, laboratory furniture, dishes.

We are ready to train your employees both on the basis of CCI, and on the basis of your company.

CCI specialists are always ready to clarify the results obtained during the inspection with references to international and national regulatory documents, to offer customers the most optimal work execution schemes necessary to determine the quality indicators of various products, suggest ways to eliminate the deficiencies identified as a result of inspection, services in the sphere of our activity.

The new standard education in ukraine

The new standard

Started reception of documents from applicants in the Scientific and methodological Council MES of Ukraine, the purpose of which is to develop standards of education.

For the first time members of the Scientific and methodological Council are selected by competition. Before they were appointed personally by the Minister, his function as President of this Council will be limited to only the final signature on the document. This was told first Deputy Minister of education and science Inna Sovsun in an interview with “Radio Liberty”.


The new standard

The procedure of registration of divorce through the courts

The procedure of registration of divorce through the courts

The procedure of registration of divorce through the courts

Perhaps the most important in the dissolution of marriage through court is the decision of the disputed issues before going to court. Therefore, as the mutual/bilateral agreement of the spouses on the divorce and there are no disputes about children or property, and is certainly grounds for a quick divorce in court.

Here is an example. Quick and easy divorce through the courts with children, you need to make an agreement that will define the substance:

The procedure of registration of divorce through the courts