Analysis of the occurrence of force majeure

Analysis of the occurrence of force majeure


The results of the analyses of the occurrence of force majeure is done on letterheads Industrial-commercial chamber of Ukraine with the use of symbols and trade names of the company. The cost of service is negotiable.

The sample below provides a list of possible force majeure. A description of examples of their possible applications.

The CHAMBER is considering the issues of force majeure and issues a corresponding document – “Analysis with regard to the occurrence of force majeure on receipt of which Your company can solve their own problems in accordance with the following applications in this document:

1) Contractual force majeure

2) Agricultural force majeure

3) Force majeure in foreign trade activities

4) In the insurance industry

5) When performing operations on transfer of funds to the current account of the enterprise or the supply of goods (Tax force majeure)

6) In case of an accident

7) To address issues in litigation (Judicial force majeure)

8) Procedure for force majeure

9) Bank force majeure

10) In the field of medicine (Medical force majeure)

11) in the manufacture of bankruptcy procedures as a means of exit from this procedure and / or the possibility of not applying penalties to creditors in case of simultaneous submission of an application for bankruptcy the debtor’s other

12) In the carriage (transportation) of goods (Transport force majeure)

13) In the production (Industrial force majeure)

14) Local force majeure

15) In the construction sector (Construction force majeure)

16) If payments to contractors for the implementation of private property rights in the implementation of the sale and purchase of property, raw materials and equipment (Personal force majeure)

17) In Commerce (Trade force majeure)

18) Credit force majeure

19) Receivables force majeure

20) payables force majeure

21) Accounting, force majeure

22) of the Antimonopoly force majeure

23) Financial analysis of force majeure

24) Financial planning force majeure

25) Of the Exchange force majeure

26) Indirect or Causal force majeure

27) Long-term-an effective force majeure

28) Hopelessly-lost force majeure

29) the Environmental force majeure

30) Natural force majeure

31) Sanepidemiology force majeure

32) Labor force majeure

33) Corporate force majeure

Analysis of economic indicators of the financial condition of the enterprises

Analysis of economic indicators of the financial condition of the enterprises

By order of our partners, the Chamber may inspect any company in Ukraine, to find out what property they have, what their state of Affairs and financial performance, to investigate with the help of detective agencies – partners of the Chamber. CCI provides the Results of analyses of the economic performance and financial condition of the company with the purpose of revealing of signs of concealment of bankruptcy, fraudulent bankruptcy or bringing to bankruptcy is on letterhead CCI using the symbols and trade names of the company.