YOUTH is the energy of life.

This time when a person is full of ambition, any goal seems feasible and any task is up to him.

Young people are the engine that drives the entire human machine. You are young as long as your soul catches the signals of beauty, hope, joy, fearlessness and strength, coming from people and from infinity.

If this ability disappears and your spirit fetters the cold of cynicism and pessimism, you can grow old even in twenty. “Use your energy.

Try to make the world better! “

A charitable organization that is registered in Ukraine and is on the List of Organizations and Institutions Attracting Foreigners and Stateless Persons to their Activities, which is maintained by the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine:

To volunteer in the territory of Ukraine, attracts volunteers to its activity in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Voluntary Activities” and invites foreign citizens to Ukraine for a period of 6 months to participate in the activities of the organization,

Attracts donations and cash from foreign and local companies to help young people and children of Ukraine, who suffered from military operations in the Donbass.

We invite volunteers to Ukraine

Documentation in the field of coal and other products quality

The professionalism of the CCI specialists is recognized in Ukraine, which is why we participate in the creation of various documentation in the field of coal and other products quality.

Our specialists participated in the implementation of state standards DSTU 4096-2002, DSTU 4083-2002, GTR 34.09.110-2003, and edited them, co-authors of the draft agreement on the supply of fuel and payments for it, taking into account the energy value.

Our employees, as consultants and technical experts, are involved in the assessment of quality systems of various enterprises, accreditation of coal-chemical laboratories, metallurgical division laboratories, development of instructions and methodologies. We will be happy to assist you in preparing your laboratory for accreditation.

Specialists of LLC “CCI” are ready to help in the organization of your laboratory, their configuration with the necessary laboratory equipment for preparation of samples, laboratory furniture, dishes.

We are ready to train your employees both on the basis of CCI, and on the basis of your company.

CCI specialists are always ready to clarify the results obtained during the inspection with references to international and national regulatory documents, to offer customers the most optimal work execution schemes necessary to determine the quality indicators of various products, suggest ways to eliminate the deficiencies identified as a result of inspection, services in the sphere of our activity.