International relations

Services in the field of international relations

20151211_052Public services (services in the sphere of international relations: the Chamber works closely with the commercial and industrial chambers Asia (Pakistan, India, China) and Africa (Nigeria, Zambia, South Africa, Kenya).

Participation in the conduct of international business meetings, receptions, presentations, conferences and seminars is carried out exclusively not only in Ukraine but also in any country of Asia and Africa.

The cost of services for the preparations for holding international business meetings, receptions, presentations, conferences and seminars – negotiated.

Also, the CHAMBER cooperates with chambers of Commerce of the European Union (Poland, Germany, Spain, Holland) and America (USA, Canada, Mexico).

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    UIP (UNITED INTERNATIONAL PARTNERS) Ukraine – a group of companies that provides a full range of services for foreigners in Ukraine from the creation or purchase of a business, support of foreign investments in Ukraine, registration of migration documents for foreign citizens in Ukraine, the selection of property for purchase or lease, of recruiting qualified personnel to the enterprises with foreign capital, registration of licenses and certificates for the lawful operation of companies in Ukraine, legal and accounting support of current activities of foreign companies in Ukraine support of procedures of exports and imports of goods and services, resolve disputes in the negotiation or court order, conduct legal cases from administrative and civil litigation to criminal cases in the sphere of economy and with participation of foreign element

    1. Hello. WE affirm the professionalism of the company UIP (UNITED INTERNATIONAL PARTNERS) Ukraine. Can confirm the quality of the services provided. Thank you for your cooperation.

  2. Dear Sir,With nice regards.We feel pleasure to introduce our selves as leading Horticulture base firm in pakistan .We provide consultency services to devlop farm houses,orchid farm,desgin of feild .Manufacturing of green houses ,plastic tunnel.Fresh vegetable export,and herbs .young palnts,seasonal flower etc.we have own set up here in pakistan and provide services on turn key bases,project to project.
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    1. Good afternoon. We may be interested in cooperation. Our company can create for You company or office in Ukraine and to organize distribution in Ukraine and EU countries. We can arrange import and everything about it, legal services and accounting, assistance in customs clearance of goods. Write us your suggestions, we will consider them in pleasure.

    2. Shareholders AND customers are not the same thing. Shareholders own the business, customers buy from the business. Your argument makes sense in theory, but has not been borne out in practice. Can you give an example?

      1. Dear Zaffar A. Malik. About shareholders and customers, you’re right. It’s not the same. The relationship of the shareholders treat corporate law, relationships with clients are built on marketing to attract them and provide them with product or service good quality. We can help and first and second in Your business.

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