Export eggs from Ukraine

Export eggs from Ukraine.

In September 2018, exports of eggs and egg products from Ukraine grew by 56% to $ 12 million.

At the same time, egg imports decreased to $ 0.6 million, then by 68% compared with September 2017.

Ukrainian businessmen produced the most active and bulk deliveries to the United Arab Emirates.

In the UAE, Ukrainians have sold products for 4 million US dollars.

Recall that in 2017, the maximum for the export of eggs from Ukraine in the entire history was reached – 1.5 billion units for 78.9 million US dollars.

The main buyers of eggs from Ukraine were countries from the Middle East, North Africa and Asia.

Also, a high percentage of egg production in Ukraine was observed in 2013-2014 – then the country ranked eighth in the world ranking.

In 2018, Ukraine ranked 10th among all countries – world producers of eggs.

Today, the usual price for Ukrainian eggs:

White eggs from 20 USD FCA Ukraine
Brown eggs from 21 USD FCA Ukraine