Lawyer of the Year in the Customs Law nomination

Oleksandr Yevsiutin’s active activity for more than 10 years in the field of supporting foreign economic activity and customs law was the result of such an award.

Export support from Ukraine:

 sunflower seeds,
 sunflower oil,
 chicken eggs,
 various cereals.

Import in Ukraine:


Court cases on customs disputes when importing cars, seizure of money and property at the border.

Comprehensive assistance to foreign businesses in Ukraine.

International scaling and business migration.

In EMP, assistance to foreign businesses begins with visas to Ukraine and migration documents, company registration, employment permits for foreigners, customs accreditation, tax and accounting reporting, establishment of legal documentation of the enterprise, development of contracts and legalization of relations with suppliers and buyers goods, and to the organization of export and import, acquisition of assets and ready-made production complexes.

A foreign businessman who plans to build an international company cannot ignore such a large country in the center of Europe as Ukraine.

At the same time, Ukrainian businessmen of the international level need qualified legal assistance to open their offices in other countries.

All this can be provided by United International Partners, headed by lawyer Yevsiutin O.M.


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