Purchase and sale of business


Service for the Purchase and sale of enterprises by the Industrial and commercial chamber of Ukraine subject index Hoover.

When placing information on the sale of business sites CCI also forms the supply of Customer services.

Cost of services:

Just placing ads on the website industrial-trade chamber with its own phone – $100/month text and offer Customer services the chamber prepares for free;

for placing the information in mass – cost of such accommodation;

for the implementation of the industrial chamber of Commerce of economic activities through the conclusion of the contract of purchase and sale of the enterprise between the Customer and the customer – $1 000. placing ads on the website in this case is free, the text and offer Customer services CCI forms is also free, and if not spent on the implementation of the acquisition and not the exercise of such business transaction (the sale of the company) during the term of the contract the amount paid shall be returned to the Customer after deduction of banking services.


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