CCI UKraine Servises
  • Analysis of the occurrence of force majeure
  • Analysis of economic indicators of the financial condition of the enterprises
  • Business-plan – writing-analysis-review
  • Support of bankruptcy procedures
  • The issuance of Conclusions about establishing market prices for goods, works and services
  • Commission services
  • Purchase and sale of receivables
  • Purchase and sale of businesses
  • A service for finding sureties for economic operations
  • Services for the development and provision of documentation in the field of enterprise security
  • Services in the field of employment and labour relations
  • Public services (services in the sphere of international relations
  • Audit Services
  • Advertising services
  • Legal services

Business plan – writing, analysis, review, test practical options (startup)

If you really want to implement your Project “to life”, as practice shows, a significant business plan use Projects that are justified in the Business plans which is the Analysis of the Business plan

Analysis of the Business plan is a document outlining the disadvantages of a Business plan a flawless Business plans mankind has not yet invented!) and Review of Business plan Review of business plan is a document recommendation of the Business plan, which is issued only after the deficiencies of the Business plan.

Therefore, the chamber of Commerce and industry advises You, Dear customers, to produce the desired result refer to the CCI of Ukraine for receiving the Services in writing Business plans, Service results of Analyses of Business plans and results of Reviews of the Business plans.